Annual General Meeting - African Trade Insurance Agency

Our AGM provides an opportunity to connect with our shareholders and to provide a place for the people from the private and public spheres to exchange ideas, build relationships and bridges that will further develop the continent

About the Annual Meeting

Each year in May or June, the General Assembly of the African Trade Insurance Agency (ATI) hold their Annual Meeting to discuss and agree upon resolutions on a range of administrative issues impacting the organisation and its membership. Most notably, the meeting provides an opportunity to approve and welcome new members into ATI. The meeting brings together government delegations from ATI’s member countries and institutions along with prospective members.

2018 marks the 18th year of the General Assembly, which will be hosted in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. Meetings are typically hosted by the country’s Head of State or their designate either the Deputy or Minister of Finance.

About ATI’s Annual Roundtable

This unique event, which is also called ATI’s Investor Day, takes place on the sidelines of ATI’s annual general meeting. The objective of this event is to provide a platform for African governments and both international and local private sector players to speak honestly and openly about challenges facing investors in some countries and alternately the obstacles to African governments in accessing financing.

Political/investment and trade credit risks play an important role in this dynamic. With billions needed to fund priority infrastructure projects in Africa, the risk profile and rating of individual countries weighs on the projects these governments hope to finance, which reduces their financing options. Ultimately, African governments are faced with sub-investment grade ratings and a perception of the high risk that may or may not be accurate. To properly address these obstacles,  Africa requires a sustained focus on increasing public-private participation to fill existing and future funding gaps. Governments will need to develop relationships with the private sector that are based on trust, transparency and a willingness to improve the business climate in their countries. The Roundtable provides a platform to support this dialogue in a morning of candid discussions on how to improve the bankability of African projects.

Due to the candid nature of the discussions and the high-level participants, the event is by-invitation-only.

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