John Lentaigne appointed Acting CEO - African Trade Insurance Agency

John Lentaigne appointed Acting CEO

NAIROBI, 7 June 2019 – ATI’s Board of Directors would like to confirm they have taken the decision of suspending ATI’s Chief Executive Officer, George Oduori Otieno, with immediate effect.

This comes following Mr. Otieno starting court proceedings against ATI in relation to his employment contract which makes his position untenable as the legal representative of ATI. It is essential that we allow due process to run its course and it would be in appropriate to comment any further on the specifics of the case at this stage.

The Board has designated John Lentaigne as Acting Chief Executive Officer.

As an organization our priority remains our valued customers and stakeholders. The Board will continue to support the business in ensuring they continue to receive the highest possible standard of service.

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