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Energy Solutions


With African Trade Insurance Agency as a partner, you can confidently participate in African energy projects. As your strategic partner for energy projects in Africa, we will help you identify and cover the right risks so that you can focus on growing your business.

Our on-the-ground knowledge and deep roots in Africa will help you navigate the unique characteristics of each country – particularly of our member states.

Our insurance products all include these Standard Features. We offer:

Breach of Contract Insurance
Protect against losses if a public utility does not fulfill its obligations.

Liquidity Support
Ensure that the Independent Power Producer (IPP) can continue to operate for 6 months if the off-taker defaults.

Political Risk Insurance
Protect against unexpected political upheaval.

Political Violence, Terrorism and Sabotage Insurance
Protect against political violence, terrorism, and sabotage.

Commercial Credit Insurance
Protect against non-payment and delayed payment.

Surety Bonds and Counter-Guarantees
Free up capital, ensure performance, and protect against wrongful calls on bonds.

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