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Energy Solutions

Breach of Contract Insurance

As a project developer, investor, or financer who is structuring a project, you need confidence in the creditworthiness and reliability of payment from the power off-taker. At African Trade Insurance Agency, we strive to provide that confidence with Breach of Contract Insurance.

The risks vary considerably from country to country in Africa. At ATI, we know the unique characteristics of each country and understand the specific risks involved, which may include the legal status of the off-taker, the unbundling of the main functions, and the tariff structures, among others.

Insured Events

Breach of Contract Insurance helps protect your investments in energy projects in ATI member states. It insures against the risk that the public utility will not fulfill its obligations under the Power Purchase Agreement. This includes both sovereign and sub-sovereign risks.

Breach of Contract Insurance covers the events where the obligations of the public utility are not honoured (non-honouring of sovereign/sub-sovereign obligations). This may occur as a result of:

  • A general moratorium
  • Protracted default
  • Default of an arbitration award
  • Termination of the PPA
  • Unilateral changes in the PPA
  • Non-performance of actions that have been contractually committed

Flexible Options

Our Breach of Contract Insurance is flexible. We will provide coverage that suits your needs. For example, we can:

  • Precisely align risk to the right party – utility, lender, developer or investor
  • Help build the bridge between the private and public players in your project
  • Adjust the policy wording to your specific concerns
  • Combine risks under a single policy

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