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Political Violence, Terrorism & Sabotage Insurance

Our Political Violence, Terrorism and Sabotage Insurance protects investments in African energy projects from loss, damage, or business interruption due to politically motivated events.

When events outside of your control threaten your property or income streams, African Trade Insurance Agency can protect your interests. We are vested in making projects within our member states successful, because Africa is our home.

Insured Events under Political Violence, Terrorism and Sabotage Insurance

Insured events include physical damage, business interruption, and third-party liability that are due to acts of terrorism, sabotage, war, civil war and other situations covered under the policy.

Within this scope, the specific risks covered include:

  • Physical damage or loss to the building and its contents
  • Business interruption resulting from the necessary and unavoidable interruption of or interference with the Insured’s operations
  • Third-party liability claims made against the insured for losses that are motivated by the events covered under the policy

Terms and Limitations

The Political Violence, Terrorism and Sabotage Insurance cover typically lasts for one year. Extensions or renewals are possible. Indemnification can be up to 100% of the exposure.

Flexible Options

ATI’s Political Violence, Terrorism, and Sabotage Insurance is flexible. You can protect a specific project risk, a whole project, or an entire portfolio of projects.

For example, we can:

  • Write policies that cover similar risks limited to different phases of a project
  • Provide policies that are very specific regarding the insured events based on our client’s needs
  • Precisely align risk to the right party – utility, lender, developer or investor
  • Help build the bridge between the private and public players in your project

ATI offers this cover in two ways:

  1. On a stand-alone basis
  2. As a specific risk under a general Political Risk Insurance policy.

The description of the insured events and the conditions of cover are different under each of these options.

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