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Energy Solutions

Surety Bonds & Counter-Guarantees

Surety bonds are an important aspect of successful African energy projects. They protect both private and public parties by ensuring that contracts are completed according to mutually agreed terms.

African Trade Insurance Agency reinsures a variety of surety bonds insurance. We will also offer counter-guarantees for lenders who support sustainable energy projects that benefit ATI member states.

Surety Bonds Offered

ATI offers reinsurance and counter-guarantees for the following bonds for energy projects in ATI member states:

  • Bid bonds or letters of intent
  • Performance bonds
  • Maintenance bonds
  • Advance payment bonds
  • Retention monies bonds
  • Supply bonds
  • Material on site/off site bonds
  • Temporary import bonds
  • Payment bonds
  • Warehouse bonds
  • Customs bonds

Benefits of Surety Bonds

In the event that a bond is called and the obligor is unable to perform or reimburse our client, we step in to cover any potential losses. Our support helps to:

  • Free up working capital for contractors and project developers
  • Reduce liquidity risks by providing a security with a known value and maturity date
  • Helps institutions manage growth
  • Encourage the continued expansion of Africa’s diverse markets

Added Value

When you obtain support for surety bonds or counter-guarantees from ATI, you also benefit from valuable credit information on the contracted firm(s). In the event of limited insurance market capacity, or when the beneficiary has strict requirements for the credit rating of the issuer, we can also issue surety bonds directly to project developers or contractors.

Geographic Coverage

ATI’s reinsurance of surety bonds covers projects in selected member countries. In countries where there is an existing market for bonds and guarantees, ATI prefers not to issue the bonds directly. Instead, we offer capacity to the existing actors.

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