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Trade Credit Insurance

Every creditor faces the risk of non-payment or delayed payment, but African Trade Insurance Agency offers protection. Commercial Trade Credit Insurance protects against payment default risks. In addition to securing you against the risks specific to your role in an African energy project, ATI can also help build the bridge between private and public players.

Insured Events under Trade Credit Insurance

We insure corporate and bank transactions, including:

  • Pre-financing
  • Supplier credit
  • Loans
  • Letters of credit/confirmation of letter of credit/bank guarantees
  • Invoice discounting and factoring

Insured risks include:

  • Non-acceptance
  • Protracted default
  • Insolvency

Flexible Options

ATI’s Commercial Trade Credit Insurance is flexible. You can obtain payment protection insurance on a variety of transactions for lenders and suppliers against non-payment risks.

For example, your coverage may include:

  • A portfolio of buyers or a single obligor
  • Protection against borrowers’ default on loans and other lending facilities
  • Comprehensive cover against defaults on payment commitments, with political risk as an add-on

Added Value

When you purchase Commercial Credit Insurance from ATI, you also benefit from:

  • Valuable credit information on buyers
  • Access to financing on improved terms
  • Help in debt collection
  • Bringing discipline in the credit management process

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