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Opportunities for Insurers & Brokers

Africa is experiencing dynamic growth, and that brings demand for specialized insurance products to stakeholders in African energy projects.

African Trade Insurance Agency provides insurers and brokers with:

  • New and specialized revenue streams
  • Reinsurance support
  • Local know-how and a good understanding of the local aspects of the risk
  • For political risks, our preferred creditor status
  • A proven track record

Our comprehensive insurance and reinsurance products help to mitigate the risks and maximize the success of energy sector development in Africa. We enable insurers and brokers to offer their clients peace of mind.

With ATI products, you can serve a variety of clients, including:

  • Project development companies
  • Banks and development finance institutions
  • Exporters, contractors and local suppliers
  • African states and government entities

Learn more about the specialized insurance products that you can offer to your clients: Political Risk InsurancePolitical Violence, Terrorism, and Sabotage InsuranceTrade Credit Insurance, Breach of Contract Insurance, Surety Bonds and Counter-Guarantees

Learn about specialized insurance products for African energy projects

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