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Energy Solutions

Project Developers & Sponsors

Africa offers exceptional opportunities for project developers with an interest in clean energy, renewable energy, and sustainable development. As the project developer, you must bring together all the actors and ensure that the project is bankable and profitable. To be successful, you need an insurance partner that understands the concerns of all parties and can provide solutions to address them.

At African Trade Insurance Agency, we help project developers and sponsors to assess and understand the challenges that you face and find the best options to mitigate your risk. We will work closely with you to protect against the following risks:

Public Utility Risks

The power off-taker and the manager of the transmission lines are key partners in any energy project. ATI’s Breach of Contract Insurance protects you against the failure of the utility to meet its contractual obligations, such as non-payment or unilateral changes in the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). By removing one of the key perceived risks, we help to make the project bankable.

Meanwhile, lenders typically require cash collateral before financing the project that will ensure the Independent Power Producer (IPP) can continue to operate in the event of off-taker default. We have a solution to address this need.

Political Risks

Unexpected issues can arise in emerging African markets and it’s worth being prepared. ATI’s Political Risk Insurance protects you against events such as expropriation of assets, currency inconvertibility, trade embargoes and more.

We will insure a specific project risk, a project as a whole, or your entire project portfolio. We can adjust the cover to meet your specific concerns and advise you on the way to manage other risks that may fall outside the scope of pure insurance.

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Political Violence, Terrorism, and Sabotage Risks

The possibility of politically motivated violence, terrorism, or sabotage shouldn’t prevent you from pursuing opportunities in African energy. These risks are infrequent but have a high impact. ATI’s Political Violence, Terrorism, and Sabotage Insurance protects you against damage to assets and loss of income due to business interruption.

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Unfair Calls on Your Bonds

Surety bonds, such as bid bonds and performance bonds, are common in international business, and you want to ensure they are fairly applied. ATI’s Surety Bond Insurance frees up working capital because you won’t have to pay to reimburse your bank if your bond is called without reason.

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