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Energy Solutions


Opportunities for Suppliers

Africa is experiencing dynamic growth that requires new and innovative renewable energy solutions. Both private and public-sector organizations in ATI member states are actively seeking out technology and equipment to help improve energy security and achieve greater control over energy costs. This includes everything from equipment that improves energy efficiency to large-scale renewable energy infrastructure projects.

African Trade Insurance Agency supports suppliers of energy solutions that benefit sustainable development in Africa. We provide you with access to African energy sector subject matter expertise, success stories, information, and networks.

Trade Credit Insurance for Suppliers of Energy Solutions

We have facilitated a variety of transactions in multiple sectors, and our Trade Credit Insurance protects against the risk of non-payment or protracted payment to provide greater access opportunities in Africa. We can insure suppliers to both public and private buyers. In addition, we can insure goods in transit and can add coverage for political risks such as currency inconvertibility.

Added Value

ATI also provides Trade Credit Insurance customers with valuable information about the creditworthiness of the buyer, and the best way to adjust their credit terms to the features of their client.

Unparalleled Track Record

In our 15 years since inception, we have facilitated over $25 billion worth of trade and investments. We are backed by a network of the world’s most credible development and financial institutions. And, since 2008, we’ve been one of the highest-rated insurers in Africa, rated “A” by Standard & Poor’s.

Our on-the-ground knowledge and deep roots in Africa will help you navigate the unique characteristics of the credit risks in each country – particularly of our member states.

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