Corporate Responsibility

We believe that being a responsible corporate citizen is a duty and a privilege that makes good business sense. Our operations reflect a strong adherence to local and international law, ethical standards and international norms. These standards are reflected in the rigorous screening process of the investment projects we underwrite as well as our principled corporate values, which are upheld by our staff.

To maintain this standard, our operations support the three P's of People, Planet and Profit, where all our projects must adhere to international best practises that protect the environment, guard against corruption and ensure transparency in all our activities.

The Environment
The rules governing our environmental safeguards are outlined in the ATI Environmental Manual. This document lays out the guidelines to which each applicant for an ATI policy must adhere. 

All applicants for an ATI insurance policy must submit a completed Environmental Information Note (EIN), which includes information on the direct, indirect and cumulative impact of a project or transaction on the environment, as well as the proposed mitigation measures to be implemented.To add an extra measure of protection, before we write an investment insurance policy, we hire independent and internationally-recognized experts to conduct an environmental impact assessment for any transaction or project to ensure that it meets our standards.


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