Benefits of Membership

ATI insurance products are making a difference in African member countries. ATI policies are helping to build key infrastructure such as telecommunications and power generation in both rural and urban communities. ATI products are also helping to protect agricultural and textile exporters against non-payment by their international and regional buyers, to construct housing in urban communities, and to support the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises.

ATI has facilitated a variety of transactions in multiple sectors, which are supporting the economic development of African countries.

Sample transactions covered by ATI: 

Energy -A multilateral insurer supporting an investor in a geothermal energy plant seeks ATI reinsurance to protect against the risks of currency transfer restrictions, expropriation and potential damage or interruptions to the project in the event of war or civil disturbance.
Floricultural Exports - A Flower producer uses ATI's Whole Turnover Credit Risk insurance to protect her sales against the risk of buyer payment default in an expanded export market that includes 13 countries located in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.&nbs
Telecommunications -An international telecommunications company contracted to design supply, construct and install cellular base station sites obtains ATI's comprehensive non-payment insurance to protect against non-payment by a private buyer before entering into the contract.
Tourism - A South African lender obtains ATI's foreign direct investment insurance to protect his investment in the construction of an international hotel chain.

ATI insurance levels the playing field to allow African exporters to compete globally. With credit insurance, exporters are able to sell on short-term credit rather than cash terms, allowing them to offer goods to buyers on competitive terms.

The global economic downturn has decreased access to project financing. ATI insurance products have enabled project sponsors to more easily mobilize financing because the policies provide lenders with confidence to enter into markets, where they will be protected against political or credit-related risks.

For private corporations, membership can translate into increased access to African markets and to reliable intelligence on the credit worthiness of potential partners in both the private and public sectors within Africa or globally.

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