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Energy Solutions

Why Choose ATI ?

With ATI, you gain a powerful partner vested in your success in Africa.

A Strategic Partner in Africa

Africa is home to the fastest-growing economies in the world. ATI enables companies and their financial partners to participate confidently in African energy projects:

  • We understand the risks and provide you with an internationally credible ally with deep roots in Africa.
  • Our on-the-ground knowledge will help you navigate the unique characteristics of each country – particularly of our member states

A Holistic View of Risk

The insurance of most energy transactions will typically relate to the government and the state-owned off-taker. ATI is in a unique position to understand, mitigate, and resolve potential issues with our member states. We can therefore go on-risk for transactions that would otherwise be difficult to insure.

Our insurance products are also custom-fit. We can:

  • Precisely align risk to the right party and can help build the bridge between the private and public players in a project
  • Understand the risks that are specific to each country and advise how to manage them
  • Design our Trade Credit Insurance, Political Risk Insurance, Political Violence, Terrorism, and Sabotage Insurance and other products to suit your specific needs

A Valuable Network

ATI bridges the relationship between all parties and understands the needs of both private and public sector interests in any African renewable energy project. As a home-grown African organization, we bring insight into local conditions, markets, politics, cultures, and stakeholders.

Unparalleled Track Record

In our 15 years since inception, we have facilitated over $25 billion worth of trade and investments. We are backed by a network of the world’s most credible development and financial institutions. Since 2008, ATI has been one of the highest-rated insurers in Africa, rated “A” by Standard & Poor’s, which provides capital relief for banks.

Direct Access to Governments

Our shareholders include the governments of African countries. Through us, our clients gain access to key decision-makers who have an interest in the success of sustainable development in Africa. Our shareholding puts us in a preferred position to avoid political risk claims.

Custom-Fit Solutions

As your strategic partner for energy projects in Africa, we will help you identify and cover the right risks so that you can focus on growing your business. We engage with our partners to deliver targeted solutions. Our products are tailored to the requirements of individual projects, providing uniquely custom-fit solutions and policy wordings to fit the specific project context and client’s needs.

Broad Choice of Products

As a stakeholder interested in or active in African energy projects, you can trust ATI to provide guidance and quality products.

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