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ATI’s investors receive among the best returns in the industry and the opportunity to have real impact in Africa.

Africa is dynamic and complicated, full of obstacles and opportunities. African governments face the challenge of mobilizing investments for critical infrastructure projects within global markets that often perceive African risk as untouchable.

At the same time, publicly owned and private institutions see viable opportunities to grow their interests in Africa but the risks often prevent them from moving forward.

Becoming a shareholder in ATI can provide the perfect solution to both sets of challenges.

For African governments, ATI is able to lower the cost of financing because, as a member, you can substitute your sub-investment grade rating for ATI’s ‘A’ rating. Most international lenders are restricted from lending to low-rated entities, and if governments are able to secure funding it will be at a very high cost. As your partner, ATI removes this hurdle.

For public and private institutions, a partnership with ATI allows you to safely broaden your reach and impact in Africa by investing in a credible and internationally reputable institution.

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