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Why Become a Shareholder?

If you decide to become a shareholder in ATI, you join a unique club, where members enjoy one of the best returns on investment in the world. To cover the cost of subscription, African member countries receive concessional financing with favourable terms from the African Development Bank, European Investment Bank or the World Bank. Countries that invest USD20 million benefit from a leverage rate of over 30 times, which allows ATI to support investments of USD650 million into your country.

Institutional shareholders, benefit from partnering with a credible, highly rated and financially strong African partner. In return, you are able to leverage your investment to create real impact and extend your reach in Africa.

ATI also expects to pay dividends to all shareholders in the medium term with the objective that shareholders can recoup their initial investment over time.

To learn more, read the Benefits of Becoming an ATI shareholder

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