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We strive to be responsive to our clients’ needs.

The African Trade Insurance Agency provides risk mitigation solutions to various clients, including the following:

ATI can find solutions for your unique risks. These include non-payment or delayed payment and unfair cancellation of your contract.

ATI’s solutions can help you cover the challenge of payment problems from your buyer or seller. Sometimes, you may have to use expensive letters of credit, which ties up your capital. But ATI’s insurance can reduce your liquidity risks by providing security with a known value and maturity date.

For insurers, ATI has been steadily building a base of international and local insurance partners to help increase capacity within Africa. This has enabled many local insurers to diversify their business and to become more competitive. Insurers can work with us either through a reinsurance treaty or a facultative arrangement for trade credit and political risk insurance.

For brokers, ATI offers an opportunity for you to expand your business with additional product lines that are often not available in local markets. We offer eligible brokers an opportunity to extend their product range in exchange for a commission. To become an ATI Approved Broker, you must be officially licensed or registered to operate as an insurance broker in the country in which you do business.

Doing business in emerging markets can bring unexpected issues such as expropriation of your assets, currency inconvertibility and trade embargoes. You can insure a specific project risk, an entire project or your whole portfolio. If you need to post a performance bond that is wrongfully called, ATI can protect you by paying your bank, which frees up your capital. ATI can also protect against damage to your property and loss of income or revenues due to business interruption caused by political violence, terrorism and sabotage events.

ATI’s risk solutions cover a wide range of perils that includes payment default, which also covers cross-border transactions; risks of political interference or civil war, which covers expropriation, currency inconvertibility and trade embargoes; protection against politically motivated violence or terrorism and sabotage events; and ATI fully protects lenders who issue bonds by providing counter-guarantees.

Many companies have set their sights on expanding their product offerings into new markets. This can leave manufacturers exposed to the risk of non-payment or delayed payment from their buyers. Trade credit insurance is a risk mitigation tool that allows manufacturers to offer better payment terms to their clients and to increase their cash flow so they can continue to grow their business.

ATI is a secure partner for African countries because we support member governments to develop their priority sectors. ATI’s involvement in your projects helps attract private sector capital, reduce infrastructure costs and support smart risk allocation - allowing you to align risks with the right party ensures that everyone benefits.

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