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Investment Insurance

Africa is full of opportunities. ATI Investment Insurance can help you safely navigate the risks so you can focus on your business.

Doing business successfully in new markets is never easy. In emerging markets, the risks may increase. ATI offers a full suite of products to protect against political risks, which covers expropriation of your assets, currency inconvertibility or transfer restrictions, and trade embargoes. ATI also offers protection against non-payment risks, wrongful calls on your performance bond and damage to your property or loss of revenue from business interruption due to politically motivated violence or terrorism and sabotage events.

To learn more, read ATI’s FAQs on Investment Insurance

Investment Insurance Eligibility

In order for ATI to support a transaction, the investment or project must be located in at least one of our African member countries

Investment Insurance Application

Here are four simple steps to applying for ATI’s insurance:

  • Submit an insurance enquiry form
  • Once the enquiry is approved, ATI issues a Non-Binding Indication (NBI)
  • If the terms and conditions quoted on the NBI are acceptable to you, ATI will ask you to submit an application for insurance and supporting documents

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