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Trade Credit Insurance

Imagine having the freedom to fearlessly expand into Africa or globally. ATI makes it all possible.

Whether you’re a local African business hoping to seek your fortunes abroad or an international company with ambitions to enter African markets, ATI can help you achieve your goals. We offer flexible options that ensure you’re covered and able to succeed.

Trade credit insurance is a risk mitigation tool that protects against payment default risks. The product replaces expensive collateral such as Letters of Credit that are often required by banks to secure a loan or a line of credit. ATI’s solution allows companies the freedom to offer better payment terms to their clients, to increase their cash flow and to be internationally competitive by operating on credit terms.

To find out more, read ATI’s FAQs on Credit Insurance


For trade transactions, ATI is open to receiving enquiries for deals across Africa but we give preference to transactions where the buyer and seller are located in one of our African member countries.

For financing transactions, the same applies. ATI gives preference to deals where the lender, borrower or project is located in one of our African member countries.


Here are four simple steps to applying for ATI’s insurance:

  • Submit an insurance enquiry form
  • Once the enquiry is approved, ATI issues a Non-Binding Indication (NBI)
  • If the terms and conditions quoted on the NBI are acceptable to you, ATI will ask you to submit an application for insurance and supporting documents
  • Once ATI receives all the relevant documents, you will receive your policy

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